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Welcome to Federation Executive Director, Program Coordinator

Welcome to Federation Executive Director, Program Coordinator

The South Florida Muslim Federation welcomes its new staff:

Nezar Hamze, Executive Director

In the name of God, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Peace be with all of you, my fellow Americans,

All praises be to God. I am very excited and happy to be greeting you as the Executive Director of the first Muslim Federation in the history of the state of Florida. As our country is being divided by bigotry and hate, the South Florida Muslim community has come together to embrace, unite, and strengthen this country’s diversity.

Unite our Islamic leaders! Unite our Islamic organizations! Unite our Muslim community leaders! Unite our Muslim business owners! Unite the greater Muslim community! Several major metropolitan areas across the country like Southern California , Houston, Chicago, and Detroit  have unified their Muslim communities and the results are Amazing! In my new role in the Muslim Federation, I will be living and breathing the spirit of unification. We will work to make each Islamic center, school and organization stronger. We will work with each Muslim community leader and Muslim business owner to streamline their resources. By joining forces, we will be working together in the spirit of unification.

Many of you have known me for the last ten years as an Executive and Operations Director for CAIR-Florida, the state’s largest and strongest Civil Rights advocacy organization serving all Americans by protecting their civil rights and upholding our U.S. Constitution. To grow and be part of the CAIR-Florida team has been a tremendous blessing from Allah SWT for me. To help and empower our communities and protect those who cannot protect themselves is, in fact, an American Dream. Through Allah’s (SWT) blessings and your support, CAIR-Florida is a juggernaut in the fight for Civil Rights in America. The secret to our success was our faith in Allah (SWT) and our unification. We came together to strengthen our Vision and Mission and the results speak for themselves.

One of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) most special qualities was his ability to bring the community together, to unite the community, and to work towards a common goal. The American Muslim community has made tremendous strides and, individually, there are many success stories. “So while we have individually grown strong, we have not yet reached our full potential as an American Muslim community. That can only be achieved by all of us working together and going in the same direction.”

We all owe this great country a great debt! We all raise our families here, we all have been educated here, we all worship Allah (SWT) here. This is our home! “We are not guests!” The American Muslim community does not need to give up its faith, values, or way of life to be accepted. We need to hold strong to our Deen and show ALL Americans what we stand for to be Respected! There is a lot of work to do and members of the community are excited to finally be standing and working together through Allah’s (SWT) blessing.

I am looking forward to speaking, meeting, and working with all of you. I will be directly asking all of you to support our Federation with your knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to make our community the strongest and most organized in the entire country!

May Allah (SWT) guide us and accept our efforts.

Nezar Hamze
Executive Director
South Florida Muslim Federation

Jawaad Khan, Program Coordinator

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,
My name is Jawaad Ahmad Khan and I was born and raised in the South Florida Muslim community. I’ve grown up participating and volunteering for many Islamic institutions, schools, and programs, and I’m excited for the opportunity to serve them in a formal way through the Federation. My current projects include our SoFloMuslims.com site which we’re creating into a central hub for all community information and interaction, as well as assisting on our ongoing programs like the Matrimonial initiative and MuslimFest. Looking forward to working with the amazing and sincere people behind South
Florida’s biggest and brightest projects in the Muslim community.
Jawaad Ahmad Khan
Program Coordinator

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