Islam-NO-phobia: Townhall and Bonfire

Islam-NO-phobia: Townhall and Bonfire

Following the cancellation of 2024 SOFLO Muslim Conference, SFL Muslim Federation organized a special townhall and bonfire on Friday, January 12, for the community at Islamic Center of Greater Miami. The event was meant for uplifting the community after the disappointing news of conference cancellation titled, Islam-NO-phobia: Standing Strong-Standing Together. Two of the main speakers who were scheduled to speak at the conference, Preacher Moss and Musab Abdali, especially came down to support the local community and share their knowledge and experience. Musab Abdali stressed on the significance of remaining steadfast in challenging times while Preacher Moss spread laughter through his impeccable comic timing and relatable sense of humor. Other speakers at the occasion included Dr. Abdul Hamid Samra, Imam of Masjid Miami Gardens and Imam Azhar Subedar, Development Director of SFL Muslim Federation.

The event was attended by some of the community members including Asam Asad, Abdul Rauf Khan, and Muhammad Irshad from ICNA-Relief, Jamil Rizvi of IJA, Corey Shearer of Emgage, and Khalid Mirza of COSMOS in show of support. A large number of community members also attended the event.

See the event in pictures below.










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