Untangled: Introduction

Untangled: Introduction


From the moment we are born, we are exploring and trying to understand this life. We explore our surroundings, we explore our families, and we explore ourselves. I often think that I was the closest to Allah when I was an infant before my understanding of things got in the way. I’m probably about halfway through my life at this point and it feels like I am untangling the webs I spent the first half creating. A precarious thing it is to be human—to create structures to survive and then dismantle them because they suffocate us.

This area of the blog is all about exploring the experience of being human. Through shared stories, we can understand ourselves a little better. I hope that through this understanding of our magnificent selves, we find ease. My deeper hope is that this exploration increases our love, awe, and trust in our Creator.

Insha’Allah, We begin to live a life where we feel a bit more free and a lot more productive. We fulfill our soul’s covenant with Allah by using our beautiful and unique gifts to care for our shared world.

About the Author:

Maram Behairy is a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction and heads the writers’ group of South Florida Muslim Federation

‘I like to understand the bigger picture, deeper reasons, and nuanced connections. I have always been more interested in the roots under the ground than the fruit above. I complicate and explore in order to find the simple, deep truths. I live those with conviction. My dream is to use my gift for words to inspire and guide others to live with purpose and greater ease. So as I experiment on myself, I will share what I learn along the way. My roles in life (by default my areas of exploration) include being a Muslim, woman, wife, mother, writer, and youth mentor.’

Have a question for the author or want to reach her? Email her at maram@soflomuslims.com.

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