The 2020 Florida Muslim Capitol Day!

The 2020 Florida Muslim Capitol Day!

The 2020 Florida Muslim Capitol Day was a success as students gathered in Tallahassee for two days of lobbying this week. The following partner organizations worked together to inspire representation and unity: Emgage Florida, CAIR-Florida, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Muslims For Democracy and Fairness (MDF), American Muslim Democratic Caucus, ICNA Relief, Helping Hands, Friends of Humanity, New Florida Minority, Islamic Relief, Penny Appeal, Basmah Foundation, and several other community partners.

The first day they groups broke into regional delegations to discuss important bills and resolutions. They discussed social and personal points related to criminal justice reform, Muslim run free healthcare clinics in Florida and safety funding for Islamic schools.


The second day the groups met with House Representatives (Hattersley, Fernandez, Gottlieb, Cortes, Diamond, and more) to push healthcare clinics, Islamic school safety, and HB189 for criminal justice reform. It was a day of encouragement and developing relationships as the groups also met with Senators Anette Taddeo, Janet Crux, and Gary Farmer to discuss SB572.


The partner organizations ended with a press conference televised on local Orlando news and covered by local news media.The students were excited to have open discussions with lawmakers that can create the change they aspire to be.

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