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South Florida Imams plan unified SFL Townhalls !

South Florida Imams plan unified SFL Townhalls !

On Saturday 07/06/2019

The South Florida Muslim Federation gathered the Council Of Imams at the Islamic Center of South Florida to discuss important community projects and challenges the community is facing. During the meeting, the Imams unanimously agreed to hold unified Town Hall meetings where the community can interact with the Imams and ask questions. The Imams want to do these Town Hall meetings as a group in the spirit of working together and unifying the community. During the meetings, we will have 3 to 5 Imams per panel to interact and get different generational responses to the community’s questions.  We look forward to working with the Imams to strengthen our community and hold these interactive discussions. InshaAllah the Federation plans to work with the Imams and hold one Town Hall in each county.

“Our Islamic Scholars, Sheikhs, and Imams hold a special place in our hearts. They are the backbone of our community and they hold on tight to our deen, even when it is difficult to do so. We are proud to work with the Council of Imams and amplify their voice. These Town Hall meetings are a great way for the community to interact with different Imams from different generations and different schools of thought. I encourage everyone to attend and participate.”, says Nezar Hamze the Executive Director of the Federation.

During the meeting, the Imams also expressed serious interest in continuing their education and professional training in regards to legal responsibilities as it relates to legal reporting requirements as it relates to family matters to include domestic violence and child abuse. The Federation will arrange for representatives from the state to deliver this important training to the Imams during the gathering of the Imams.

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