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SoFlo Profiles of Service to Humanity – Meer Hossain

SoFlo Profiles of Service to Humanity – Meer Hossain

Khidma (Service)

SoFlo Profiles of Service to Humanity

The South Florida Muslim population is vibrant, diverse, and socially engaged.  We hope in this blog to bring you a number of different voices that make up the SoFlo Muslim community.  Each month we will be highlighting an individual that has decided to go above and beyond themselves. The common thread of all the individuals profiled is their dedication to serving the community at large, regardless of faith.  We also hope to inspire you to different pathways that one can get involved, big or small, in your own unique way.

Meer Hossain

Religious Scholar

Development Practitioner

Founder & CEO of BASMAH

At Rohingya Refugee Camp Displaying BASMAH Projects to USA Delegations

What type of community work do you do?

I am the Founder & CEO of BASMAH which is a Public Charity, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing aid and support to deserving people at domestic and international level, specifically the Rohingya Refugees and the other communities in need in Bangladesh. “Brighten a life, change a world” is the philosophy of BASMAH. The mission of BASMAH is to empower as many individuals as possible by creating better opportunities, enabling them to improve their own lives & that of their communities. It’s development programs aim at long- term growth & bring about a meaningful change in the lives of disadvantaged people.

What brought you to South Florida?

I have been living in Florida since 2012 after we moved from Michigan. Living here in Florida has been wonderful and I have founded my charity organization here. I have received the warm welcome and generous support from the Muslim communities in South Florida in taking this charity organization forward. The Muslim communities in South Florida are amazing- very cordial, welcoming and supportive. My kids started their schools in South Florida and they now are about to join the college, our entire family enjoys living in Florida.

With local and national Muslim community leaders

What causes are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the vision of BASMAH which is to bring change and brighten the life of the distressed. And the right kind of change happens when people are empowered. Through the work of BASMAH, we have been able to provide Rohingya refugees and hundreds of thousands of local Bangladeshi people with medical care, education support, emergency food aid, skill training, disaster relief, house reconstruction, clean water provisions and so on that are bringing changes and comfort and showing them a hope in their struggle for living a better life. I have also been helping schools and communities in the USA including Michigan, New York, Florida with various charity work. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to be of service to the community.

Can you give a piece of advice on how to get active in the community?

I am a first-hand witness of the positive changes that are taking place on ground through the works of BASMAH. I believe if you work hard with passion and dedication, changes do happen. We are one community, one ummah and we should love and stand beside each other and help out. My advice would be get involved with humanitarian and social work, chose a platform- any organization that you like, start with voluntary work, watch, listen and learn from the programs of others. It is a matter of getting involved, taking interest, creating your own space and getting your voice heard. You will always find time for something when you love and believe in it.

With the Shaykhs & Imams of USA

Can you give us a personal story that makes South Florida so unique?

I organized an event for BASMAH wherein the renowned Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi came down in Florida from Texas sometime back. Finding a suitable venue was to hold a high-profile event seemed impossible. Finally, it was decided for a hotel in Miami. I was feeling nervous whether I will be able to hold the event successfully and whether people would come in this far. However, people from all corners of South Florida flowed in, even as far from Orlando and Tampa. The brother and sisters from diverse ethnicity- Arab, Indian, Pakistani, African, Bangladeshi joined the event making it a super successful one. It felt like the Muslim community in South Florida is unique, they are united, caring and responsive no matter how diverse.

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