SFL Muslims Come Together in Collaboration

SFL Muslims Come Together in Collaboration

On October 8, 2017, history was made. On this special day, by the Grace of Allah Most High, the South Florida Muslim community leadership came together and took a big step forward by establishing the South Florida Muslim Federation.

After 2 successful town hall events throughout 2017, and much groundwork done with the soflomuslims.com site, 31 organizations attended the South Florida Muslim Federation Retreat held in the Marriott Coral Springs on October 8th, and collectively agreed upon the following (using “Robert’s rule” decision making method):
1. Establish the following as the mission of the South Florida Muslim Federation: To be a resource sharing hub that connects, empowers and serves South Florida Muslim organizations. (Decision made unanimously)
2. Incorporate the South Florida Muslim Federation as a 501c3 organization. (Motion accepted Unanimously)
3. Elect the following seven people as board members for a one year term: (Motion accepted unanimously)
Wayne Rawlins
Afifa Kashif
Samir Kakli
Moqtadir Naim
Bushra Lakhani
Sulaman Mustaq
Vincent Ware

4. To establish a “Shura” body that will be made up of masajid, musallas and non profit Muslim organizations of South Florida.
5. Each shura member organization will pay membership dues based on their size. Exceptions / waiver will be provided for organizations not able due to financial constraints. (Motion accepted unanimously)

The following is the list of organizations who were present (in alphabetic order):
Al-Amin Center

American Islamic Center of Florida
Bait ul Maal America
Coalition of Islamic Schools of South Florida
Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations (COSMOS)
Dawah Islamic Center
Islamic Center of Boca Raton
Islamic Center of Coral Springs
Islamic School of Miami
Islamic Center of South Florida
Islamic Foundation of South Florida
Islamic Jafferia Association
Islamic Movement of Florida
Islamic Relief
ICNA Relief
Masjid Al-Ansar
Masjid Al-Muhmin?
Masjid Al-Iman (Belle Glade)
Muslim Women’s Organization of South Florida
Masjid Al-Mutaqeen
Muslim Community of Palm Beach County
Muslim Communities Association of South Florida (MCA)
MAS South Florida
Muslim Educators Association
Project Downtown
South Florida Young Muslim Professionals
Turkish cultural Center
Youth Coalition of South Florida

We realize that more organizations could not attend that day, but are in full support of the effort. All organizations will be contacted in the near future to discuss next steps and membership details.
Special thanks to Br Khalid Mirza for sponsoring the retreat, and to Br Nauman Qureshi for providing tremendous onsite logisital support. And finally guest speaker Br Abdullah Mitchell from Chicago, for giving a motivational and inspiring speech.
Please make dua that our community in South Florida reaches new heights with this effort by working together, helping each other.

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