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Muslims in South Florida Plan a United Eid Celebration!!

Muslims in South Florida Plan a United Eid Celebration!!

(Miami, FL  10/30/2019) – The South Florida Muslim Federation is proud to announce the South Florida Muslim Community unanimously agreed to hold a United Eid Celebration in 2020. During the bi-annual General Body Meeting of the South Florida Muslim Federation, a motion was passed by all of the members of the Federation to plan and hold a united Eid celebration. Twice a year Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr and Eid-Al Adha, the two holiest holidays for the Muslim community. The Federation is currently seeking out the best location to accommodate the entire South Florida Muslim community.


During the meeting, the Federation elected four new executive committee members. For Vice-President Brother Waleed Hamdeh, for Secretary Sister Afifa Khaliq, for Member Outreach and Development Sister Maha Elkollalli Esq and the new Miami Representative Sister Patricia Salahuddin. The Federation is very excited to welcome our newly and re-elected officials to their roles to Empower, Unite and grow the South Florida Muslim community.



The Federation members also unanimously agreed to promote and participate in Florida Muslim Capitol Day, an event where the Florida Muslim Community visits Tallahassee to meet with law makers and discuss issues important to the Muslim community. Members of the Federation brought serious concerns with their elected officials to our attention to include being ignored by their elected officials and them not accepting meetings to discuss important issues and legislation. One theme the Federation kept hearing was “Our voice is ignored, and we are not being represented”.

Tayab Yunus, CEO of Intuitive Solutions and President of the Center on Muslim Philanthropy also trained members of the Federation on how to have “High Performing Boards” and reaching “Financial Stability”. The members of the Federation were very motivated by Tayab and he brought a very fresh perspective on how to run our organizations. His experience and suggestions hit home with all the members and ALL of them want him back to give a more in depth training.

Please stay tuned for more important updates from the Federation.

The South Florida Muslim Federation is an umbrella of Muslim Organizations based in South Florida. (see www.soflomuslims.com/about).


Below is a list of organizations:

Al-Amin Center

American Islamic Center of Florida


Masjid Baitul Mukarram


Council of Muslim Student Associations

CAIR Florida

Council of Islamic Schools of South Florida

Darul Uloom Institute

Dawah Islam


Friends of Humanity

Helping Hands Relief

Islamic Center of Broward

Islamic Center of Boca Raton

Islamic Center of Weston

Islamic Circle of North America Relief

Islamic Center of South Florida

Islamic Foundation of South Florida

Islamic Jafferia Association

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic School of Miami

Madinatul Uloom Institute

Masjid Al-Ansar

Masjid Al-Hijrah

Masjid Ihsan

Muslim Communities Association

Masjid Jamaat Al’Mu-mineen

MAS of South Florida

Muslim Women’s Organization of South Florida

Nur Ul Islam

South Florida Young Muslims Professionals


Youth Coalition of South Florida

Young Muslims

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