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Life against Death: Srebrenica – A story of Bosnian Genocide

Life against Death: Srebrenica – A story of Bosnian Genocide

The Bosnian Genocide carried out between 1992-1995 against innocent Muslim population in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Serb forces, to this day remains one of the most gruesome and cruel treatment of a people motivated by ethnic and religious hatred. The silence of the world over these crimes against humanity and tales of suffering during this conflict screams of the neglect and injustice meted out to victims and survivors. However, there are those who want to tell these stories and record them for generations to come in a bid to ensure they are not forgotten. 

One such tale of suffering and survival has come out through a local publisher, Behar Publishing House, titled ‘Life against death: Srebrenica’ by Kadir Habibovic- a survivor of this conflict.

The owner of the publishing house and a professor at FIU, Prof Mirsad Krijestorac, while reviewing the book, writes:

“It details a first person account of the 1995 Bosnian, Srebrenica Genocide, and is published by South Florida publishing company, Behar Publishing, that has the goal to put out human stories from the Muslim World in English. Muslim communities in North America need to tell their stories to their American neighbors, and this book from a Bosnian Muslim is a good start.

“This important book is about Kadir’s spectacular and victorious struggle of life against death, that vividly describes the 1990s genocide against Bosnian Muslims in Europe.”

A New Book: “Life Against Death: Srebrenica” Published to Commemorate 25-years after Bosnian Srebrenica Genocide.

Author: Kadir Habibovic

Publisher: Behar Publishing, 2020.

Price: $43.80 hard cover; $32.40 paper

The book can be purchased on the website of Behar Publishing House.

Author, Kadir Habibovic, in Srebrenica two years ago (before pandemic)

Other local and international reviews of the books

“The book “Life Against Death: Srebrenica” is the testimony of a man who was brought to be murdered with a group of his fellow citizens – all without guilt, without trial, without judgment – and who, thanks to his determination and circumstances, accepted the game of life against death. The guilt of those killed? They were Bosniaks by nationality and Muslims by religion. As amazing as it may seem to you, the whole story is true! Written as a personal narrative by Kadir Habibović.”

Ferid Muhic, Ph.D.


“This is a gripping, intense story of how someone survived genocide, many times barely, by drawing the strength to survive not only from his desire to be reunited with his Bosniak family but also from the inspiration of his religious sensibility and his desire that the genocide be remembered and justice be done. This is a gripping story, to say the least. I read it from beginning to end in one sitting, which I very rarely do.”

Thomas Breslin, Ph.D. (Historian / Author) 

“Marked for execution like thousands of his fellow Bosniaks, Kadir Habibovic escapes his fate and shares with us the story of his almost impossible survival. In heart-wrenching detail, he describes the excruciating pain, hunger, and desperation that shaped this brutal struggle, as well as how his faith made him persevere. Habibovic allows the reader to come extremely close to this unspeakable experience. His story telling makes palpable the trauma he and so many others have been enduring. It also instils a sense of hope, strength and responsibility that together we must and will work together to never let genocide happen again, anywhere and to anyone.”

Susanne Zwingel, Ph.D. (Author) 

“Kadir’s narrative of his escape from Srebrenica in the last days of the Bosnian War is both beautifully poetic and poignantly sad. It is also mesmerizing. The systemic starvation of his town, the unleashed hatred and torture of those with different names and or a different religion is unbearably heartbreaking. Having to leave your home and country, watching it destroyed and burned, not knowing if your brothers, daughter, wife or mother are alive … all are understood and felt with each footstep. The genocide done by co-workers and neighbors, who you considered friends, is horrifying.”

Tiffany Grantham (Former Editorial Artist at The Miami Herald)


“This is a raw, first-hand account of a man’s journey through the darkness of mankind. He held on to hope in the midst of total uncertainty, brutality, and death. His words paint a vivid movie before the readers’ eyes. This book sheds light on a tragic and important event in our collective human history that must never be forgotten. I only hope that we learn our lesson and this history stops repeating itself.”

Maram Behairy, Ph.D. (Researcher)

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