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Let’s Talk About Health – Imams’ Council Panel Discussion

Let’s Talk About Health – Imams’ Council Panel Discussion

As human beings, we give priority to building a financially strong livelihood and in this never ending struggle our physical and mental health take a back seat. Eating healthy, exercise, following the natural way of life and seeking help from deen to cope with stress – all these things are treated as unimportant or time consuming. SFL Council of Imams’ latest panel discussion ‘ Let’s Talk about Health’, held at IFSF, revolved around all these aspects. The speakers included Imam Izhar Khan (MJAM), Imam Zayd Sharief (MJUM) and Mufti Sultan Mohiuddin (IFSF), while the event was moderated by Hamza Yacoob.
Imam Izhar talked about the significance of a healthy lifestyle in the light of the Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He explained that our deen was not just limited to the rituals or ibada, but it gave us a complete way of life which covers all the aspects of human life. Listen to what he has to say on this topic:
Mufti Sultan explained how staying healthy for a Muslim was not a choice but a command of Allah (SWT). He also gave examples of the Sahaba (R.A.) and how they made it their life’s mission to be physically strong to be able to better defend Islam and Muslims. More on this at the link below:
Imam Zayd Sharief discussed the three different aspects of human health – physical, psychological and spiritual. He was of the view that mental health was equally important and just as we seek help from medical doctors for physical ailments, we shouldn’t hesitate in asking for help for mental health problems. He stressed that there was no shame in feeling sad or depressed as some of the hardships and stress we face in life make us stronger. Listen to his complete discussion at the link below:
Some glimpses from the panel discussion:

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