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Improving our Communication as Parents and Kids

Improving our Communication as Parents and Kids

SFL Muslim Federation organized different community events across the tri-county region as part of Imam Azhar Subedar’, Development Director of the federation, monthly visits. One of these events was SoFloMuslims’ Muslim Mental Health Initiative organized a panel discussion on ‘Effective Communication Between Parents and Children’ at IFSF. The panelists included Nida Aziz, LMHC and PhD. scholar, Elizabeth Ayebare, LMHC and PhD scholar, and Imam Azhar Subedar, Development Director of SFL Muslim Federation. Imam Azhar talked about the significance of communication between parents and children from an Islamic point of view while both Ms. Nida and Ms. Elizabeth provided a psychologists perspective.

Sr Elizabeth elaborated on the different parenting styles such as authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and neglectful. According to her, authoritative style of parenting was the most effective one as it fosters setting limits and boundaries as well as encourages opinions to be free exchanged. Sr Nida explained the different types of communication styles in a relationship such as aggressive, passive, passive aggressive and assertive. She explained how assertive communication was most appropriate style under which involved parties clearly and articulately expressed their feelings, opinions and boundaries and welcomed the same from others without letting negativity overshadow the exchange.

The evening was attended by a large number of community member who benefitted from the information shared by the experts.

Imam Azhar also visit Islamic Center of Weston for a lecture on Muslim Identity. He spoke about the meaning of being a Muslim and what are the different components of Muslim Identity. On Friday, he gave khutbah at Masjid Al-Ihsaan in Miami. You can listen to his khutbah here.

View some of the pictures from his weekend with the community below.




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