Imam Azhar Subedar meets SoFlo Muslims

Imam Azhar Subedar meets SoFlo Muslims

Imam Azhar Subedar, a motivational orator, advocate and teacher of Islam, visited South Florida last week to meet and spend sometime with the local Muslim Community.

During his time, he visited Nurul Islam of SFL in Davie for a Jummah Khutbah, Islamic Center of South Florida (Pompano Masjid) for meeting with Youth and Muslim Community of Palm Beach County for a family night. His message throughout remained one of unity of ummah and staying true to the faith.

Below are some of the glimpses and videos from his first of many visits to come. Inshallah.

Imam Azhar Subedar during a Jummah Khutbah at Nurul Islam

Imam Azhar Subedar meeting the youth at ICOSF

Imam Azhar Subedar during the family night at MCPBC

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