Emgage Leaders Forum

Emgage Leaders Forum

*eMgage*, South Florida chapter would like to extend their appreciation to all the 50+ respected Leaders who attended the eMgage Leadership Forum at Mehfil on Sunday Jan 28, 2018.

Alhamdo Lillah, it was a very interactive forum and we learned quite a bit from the Community Leaders. Following is a summary of what WE HEARD:

1. eMgage should maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Boards and Imams throughout the year.

2. Work with the Boards and develop stronger relationship with the Imams to educate community on political engagement.

3. A monthly eMgage e-newsletter for South Florida, highlighting key political developments and community engagement.

4. Assist in transferring best practices of political engagement.

5. Communicate political activism guidelines for the Leadership, and the Community.

6. Schedule eMgage visits at Masajid Family Nights to promote voter registration and political activism.

With a rejuvenated teams of eMgage executive and advisory committees, we have already embarked on several new initiatives to address what we just heard, and better prepare our Community for the political challenges of 2018 and beyond.

Sincere thanks to all the Leaders who attended, and to others who would have, but could not attend due to prior committments.

Br. Suhail Nanji
Br. Shabbir Motorwala
Yunus Ismail

eMgage South Florida

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