COVID Doesn’t Discriminate

COVID Doesn’t Discriminate

Stay safe and Remain Vigilant!

South Florida Imams and Leaders, in collaboration with UHI Clinic, had an emergency meeting on July 18th with local Physicians from our Muslim community to discuss Covid-19 and its ongoing threat to the safety of our community members. Click here for the updated statement of recommendations from our Council of Imams. Below are some valuable public health resources about COVID, and general guidelines on health on how to boost your immune system.
We would like to thank Dr. Mohsin Jaffer, Dr. Aisha Subhani, and Dr. Mohammed Latif Jangda, and Khalid Mirza of UHI Clinic for their valuable assistance and guidance provided to our community leadership.

Boost Your Immune System Against Coronavirus | Dr. Mohsin Jaffer

Sleep | By Dr. Mohsin Jaffer

Breathing | By Dr. Mohsin Jaffer

Know your Risk During COVID-19

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