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College Academy Senior creates reading program

College Academy Senior creates reading program

College Academy senior creates reading program

This is one in a series of profiles this school year of students who are nominated by teachers and chosen by editors as best exemplifying the six character pillars: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness and citizenship.

Grade: 12

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Trait: Responsibility

Promoting truth and honesty has led Maryam Ware on a path toward helping others. Her advocacy includes promoting literacy by collecting books for children in need.

Maryam Ware
Age: 17

School: College Academy at Broward College

“I founded the Book-Aid Foundation, which collects and distributes over 800 children’s books to local children’s hospitals and homeless shelters across South Florida,” she says. “Children are important to me and I believe they deserve to live their best life even if their circumstances are unfortunate. Many more book donations are needed in order for this foundation to continue to grow.”

Dr. Cinda Kane, dean of students: Maryam is known for her honesty. It is part of her core. She is a member of the National Honor Society at College Academy at Broward College who lights up the campus with her positive attitude and lovely smile.

As a senior at the College Academy at Broward College, Maryam spends her free time helping others and, in doing so, she gets others in the community involved. Last year, she and her classmates collected over 800 children books and donated them to children in low-income neighborhoods in Broward County in order to promote literacy.

She is also an advocate of young women’s rights. This past summer, Maryam attended a summer program for young minority women at Princeton University to learn more about promoting advocacy and human rights.

Maryam’s desire to promote truth and honesty is also evident when it comes to her career choice. Maryam plans to attend Mount Holyoke College and earn her degree in Social Psychology.

She has spent the past few years helping children in her community. She created the Park Ridge Reading Program – a Montessori reading program for students in first and second grades who are struggling with learning to read. She hopes to improve the reading scores of the children who are below grade level and she has already had much success. Last year, students in this program increased their individual reading scores between seven to 15 points.

Soyica Jackson, mother: Maryam has very honest tendencies. She has the unique ability to speak plainly while remaining kind and thoughtful. She is someone that you can rely on for an honest opinion and will follow through on what she says she will do. I have noticed her demonstrate this honesty all her life because I am her mother.

She is a wonderful daughter, student, and human being. She is kind and well-mannered toward everyone she meets. I feel so very blessed and fortunate to have Maryam as a daughter. She is a good person and she shows that goodness not just in words, but in her actions. She is not afraid to be a person of character no matter where she is. That is something I truly admire about her.

Maryam Ware: Being trustworthy is one of the most important things you can try to be as a human being. I am an honest person because I value the relationships I create with people.

My mother taught me to always be honest with other people because ‘one lie can ruin a million truths.’ The most honest person in my life is my mother. Through her honesty, I know that she is telling me these things because she loves me and wants me to reach my full potential. These are also my personal reasons for being honest with the people I encounter in my life.

I live my life in an authentic way. It makes me feel good that I am an honest person and people appreciate me for who I am. Because the love my mother and I have for each other is unconditional, we are the most honest with one another. She has told me that my honesty has helped her become a better mother.

Some students from College Academy have come to me whenever they need advice on something important—from common app essay tips, to serious family issues they need advice on. People’s feelings are very important to me and I do not want to waste their time with dishonesty. Also, being honest about my flaws and sharing my own struggles about life to other people is therapeutic to me. Just having real conversations with people about their lives, goals, and concerns help create a lasting bond between people, which increases empathy amongst human beings. I believe the more empathy we have in this world, the less hatred and confusion we will have with one another, because we will realize how much we all have in common.

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