The Time for Change is NOW. Join us July 18th in Miami!

Even after months of protesting, of people being out in the streets every day, we have not seen a change to the oppressive system that specifically targets minorities, especially African Americans. The voice of the people is being ignored because the ones with power can ignore us with no consequences. We must channel the rage, the rage that keeps us on the streets every day, the rage against the militarization of police, against the jailing of so many innocent youth, rage against income and housing inequality, we must channel that rage if we are to change these things. So let’s work together because that’s the only way for us to get change. We need to vote, to elect the right candidates, and we need to vote out who supports the oppressive system. And we need to organize ourselves because only voting isn’t the answer, we need to support each other, work as a team as a united front against injustice through all possible channels.
The Time for Change is NOW


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