Beirut Emergency Relief!

Beirut Emergency Relief!

A massive explosion rocked the port of Beirut, Lebanon on August 4th claiming the lives of 135, injuring over 5,000, and affecting almost 300,000 people. Search and rescue operations are underway as the death toll continues to rise.

Here are Some Links to where you can support

HHRD has launched its “Lebanon Humanitarian Fund”

HHRD works with vetted partner NGOs to provide immediate emergency relief and medical assistance.

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Preliminary emergency relief efforts have been started by the volunteers of HHRD vetted partner NGO. Hot meals have been distributed in Beirut in some of the affected areas. The situation is fluid and we will continue to provide updates on across our platforms as we receive them.

Islamic Relief Launched “LEBANON HUMANITARIAN AID”

Islamic Relief is on the ground right now to provide urgent food support to those in need. Help ease their pain.

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Islamic Relief office in Lebanon on the field since the explosions

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