Back2School Vaccines with Dr Anthony Fauci

Back2School Vaccines with Dr Anthony Fauci

American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) in partnership with IFANCA, South Florida Muslim Federation and several Muslim non-profits organized a session on Delta variant, efficacy of COVID vaccines, and other key concerns with regards to COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking with Muslim youth vaccine advocates around the country, Dr Fauci emphasized that the highly transmissible, and contagious delta variant could best be stopped from spreading by getting vaccinated. He added that vaccination was completely safe and people should not pay heed to the misinformation being disseminated about the harmful effects of vaccines as there was no truth to it.

Addressing a question about the long term effects of COVID, Dr Fauci explained that there was something called as ‘Long COVID syndrome’, which meant that the after contracting and recovering from COVID, people experience ‘profound fatigue, muscle aches, temperature dysregulations, tachycardia, sleep disturbances, and something called brain fog which means they have difficulty in focusing and concentrating.’

Watch the complete Q7A session with Dr Fauci here:

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