6 Things you can do NOW for Uighur Muslims

6 Things you can do NOW for Uighur Muslims

What is happening in China?

2 Million Uighurs are in concentration camps, children taken away by force

5000 mosques destroyed in east turkistan

-58% change in Muslim Population since 1955

People being told: No Salam, No Prayer, No Fasting, No Mosques, No Halal Food, No Muhammad.

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6 Things you can do for Uighur Muslims

1. Contact your Congress Representatives, and Senators to pass Senate Bill 178, and HR 649. Thank Senator Marco Rubio for taking up the cause of Uighur Minority in China. Click here now , takes only a few minutes.
2. Call the Chinese Embassy: Washington, DC 1-202-495-2266, and mention:
  • China must close all concentration camps

  • China must respect families by not taking away children and not inserting Chinese men into Uighur family homes

  • China must grant Uighurs full freedom of religion: To pray, enter mosques, pay Zakat, fast in Ramadan and perform Hajj

3. Call the Saudi Embassy: Washington, DC 1-(202) 342-3800. Or write at https://www.saudiembassy.net/contact

Regarding recent statements by Saudi Crown Prince and the Uighur Muslims – Mention the following:

  • Detention of 2 million Muslims by China cannot be considered a “counter-terrorism” measure.

  • As the protector of Islam’s 2 holiest sites, Saudi cannot stand idle while millions of Uighur Muslims are denied their basic rights and freedoms to practice their religion.

4. Attend the Benefit Dinner on March 3rd at Mehfil Restaurant. Buy Tickets online at https://www.soundvision.com/miami. Contact Khalid Mirza for questions 305-904-0074



5. Make Du’a that Allah give relief to the suffering and oppressed Uighur Muslims.

6. Share this link on Social Media: www.soflomuslims.com/saveuighur

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