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Flagler Masjid

Islamic Centers
Islamic center
(305) 624-5555
7350 NW 3rd St, Miami, FL 33126, USA

Our Mission is to reach out and facilitate every single member of our community & to provide education to strengthen relationships with Allah (SWT) and preserve the Islamic identity while nurturing Islamic etiquette, character, and moral behavior in society. Objectives
Advance the cause of Islam and Muslims in South Florida in accordance with the Al Qur’an Al Kareem and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him).

Maintain our own identity and individuality as Muslims and create an environment of peace and tranquility conducive to the practices and teachings of our religion.

Maintain awareness of Islamic principles among the Muslims and raise the Islamic consciousness of the Muslims as people enjoying right and forbidding wrong.

Convey the Islamic message to the Muslims as well as non-Muslims and promote friendly relations between the two.

Establish and maintain unity among the wide diversity of Muslims now residing in South Florida by providing them with an Islamic environment and opportunities for the practice of the teachings of Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem and Sunnah.

Provide opportunities to our youth that they can learn Islamic principles, and further to teach and train them to live by the Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem and Sunnah.

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