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Despite many misconceptions, Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most fertile countries, boasting a rich cuisine and a long, proud history stretching far back to the time of the earliest humans. Its strong cultural heritage is reflected in the food, which is wonderfully diverse, full of color and flavor, as well as containing many important health benefits we could all learn from and apply to our own diets. Ethiopia is one of the largest countries in Africa, spanning a diverse range of landscapes, climates, and peoples, from the ancient Judaic culture of the mountainous highlands to the animist communities that populate the lush South Omo Valley. Ethiopia consists of many ethnics; Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Gambela, Gurage, Afar and others. The country has withstood a long, tumultuous history. Centuries upon centuries of trade, migrations, and conquests emanating from the rest of Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean have resulted in a plethora of cultural and culinary influences. And yet, despite this, Ethiopian cuisine remains truly distinctive. Spices from abroad have converged with indigenous ingredients to create an eclectic mix of flavors not to be found anywhere else. Many of the dishes are unique to the country and together surely comprises one of the world’s best, if commonly overlooked, cuisines. First-time visitors to Ethiopia are almost always pleasantly surprised by the food on offer. The countries of sub-Saharan Africa are not usually associated with noteworthy cuisine in most people’s minds. Yet in contrast to the starchy and often quite bland fare prevalent in other African countries, the food in Ethiopia is deliciously spicy, diverse and always a source of great fun and interest, particularly for the uninitiated. The national dish of Ethiopia is injera, a runny dough-like substance made of the tef grain, which is shaped and cooked into a pancake and served with spicy vegetable and meat stews known as wat. From this basic set-up stems a wide variety of dishes, but first let’s explore the national staple itself, and its many health-touting aspects.

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